Support Policy

Vendors always try to respond to your inquiries in the shortest time possible, usually within 1 business day. The maximum response time is 3 business days.

Support may NOT be available for sites containing objectionable content including but not limited to WAREZ, adult/pornographic material and products/services illegal in Turkey. Arastta Association will be sole arbiter of what it considers 'objectionable content'.

Support is provided to 1, 5 or unlimited sites for each order based on the option selected during the purchase. The item price for 5 sites support is x2 and x3 for unlimited sites, based on the 1 site price. However, you can install items on unlimited sites.

Support is partially provided during the official (public) holidays.

Community Support

Community support is free and can be access in the community and forum pages. Community and forum support is limited and may depend on your own knowledge of creating web sites and programming skills.